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Coast Watchers | Algae Resources
Algae Wash-up Report

Questions on the algae wash-up report are designed to narrow down which algae is present on the shoreline.

  • WARNING: Some algae is toxic and can be harmful to humans and animals. Please no NOT touch algae unless you are wearing the proper protective equipment (i.e. gloves, enclosed footwear, etc.)

  • If there is no algae on the shoreline move on to next report

  • Coast Watchers must choose if they think the algae is Filamentous or Planktonic based on what they observe.

    • Filamentous algae: Algae that is linked together to form threads or a mesh like mat or

    • Planktonic algae: Algae that floats in the water column causing water to become green, brown, or reddish

  • The algae field guide is available for reference in the field. It is located near the top of the algae wash-up report on the Coast Watchers app.

  • Use the drop down menu of words that describe the appearance, colour and odor of the algae.

  • Estimate the length (extent of algae into water) and width (extent of algae along shoreline) of the algae both on land and in the water.

  • Make notes if you see other things of interest, including animals in the algae, litter, or a potential cause of the bloom.

  • Photo submission is mandatory for the algae wash-up report.

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