About Us | History of logo

The Story

The LHCCC logo was professionally created by founders Patrick Donnelly and Geoff Peach on the back of a napkin at Tim Hortons, Woodlawn Road West, Guelph, ON in 1998. After, they washed out the coffee stains and the Apple Fritter crumbs, the finished product was a meaningful logo that represents the core focus of the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation's goals and values. 

The Meaning

4 Colours, 4 Coastal Characteristics, 4 Focus Areas 

1. Climate Change 
2. Water Quality
3. Coastal Processes
4. Biodiversity

LHCCC_Coastal Centre Logo - No Text.png

 Yellow Sunset- Signifying the important role the sun's energy has especially regarding climate change.


Blue Water- Representing the importance of water


Brown Beach- Suggesting coastal processes like erosion and sand dunes.

Green Vegetation- Referring to the biodiversity of life along the shoreline.