The new Coastal Action Plan for the Southeastern Shoreline of Lake Huron is a unified vision for Lake Huron's coastal conservation and stewardship efforts for the shoreline between Sarnia and Tobermory. This plan encourages a collaborative approach to address common issues and goals of communities along the Lake Huron shoreline. The plan will develop a list of environmental management strategies by identifying valuable natural features and species, and the threats and stressors that negatively impact them.

What Ecosystems are on Lake Huron's Southeastern Shores?

Sand Beaches & Dunes
Cobble Beaches
Coastal Wetlands
River mouths
Nearshore Waters
Alvars and Bedrock
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The southeastern coast of Lake Huron is home to thousands of permanent and seasonal residents. Millions of visitors each year interact with the lake through fishing, swimming, boating and other recreational activities. Our coastal communities recognize Lake Huron as being key to their economic development. While most beaches are safe for recreational use, many are not free from water quality advisories and multiple types of nuisance algae. Sand beaches, dunes, bluffs, river mouths, nearshore waters, wetlands, and woodlands are all coastal ecosystems that provide valuable ecosystem services, and support many rare species.

2017 Coastal Action Plan Questionnaire Results:

Sarnia to Tobermory Ontario, ~946 km of shoreline

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Green People Survey:

Through the generous funding provided by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, we are working to create a healthy coastline with vibrant communities on Lake Huron. In order to learn and share our learning with coastal communities, the Foundation has requested that the Coastal Centre survey residents to ask what they value most about the environment. We welcome you to fill out the Green People Survey - it will take about 5 minutes to complete. The survey questions and parameters were prepared by Forum Research for the Ontario Trillium Foundation and therefore were not prepared by the Coastal Centre. If you wish to remain anonymous, do not fill in the final page of the survey, the survey results are not matched with participants in any way. Please note the Pre and Post option is not applicable for this survey and a Participant ID is not required. Thank you! To complete the "Green People" Survey, please click HERE

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