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Coast Watchers Training Guide

Welcome to the Coast Watchers Citizen Science Monitoring Program!

The best place to start is the Monitoring Protocol, which will give you all the information you will need to learn how to monitor your location, what observations to record, and how to use any equipment you have been provided with.

Our Coast Watchers are the eyes and ears of the coast. All observations you make are valuable, big or small!

The data you submit will be added to a 17-year long data set that has been monitoring sections of the coast for all these interesting metrics.

Any other questions you may have, send them over to

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Coast Watchers Mobile App


The Coast Watchers program has a new mobile app! This will be the main tool used in the field for data and photo submissions.


This advancement will reduce the need for filling out physical field sheets and make it easier for Lake Huron Coastal Centre (LHCC) staff to analyze the data you collect.


It will allow flexibility to adapt report questions to meet the needs of environmental organizations, researchers, and local decision makers who find this data useful.


By streamlining the data collection and analyzation process, information can be easily shared with partnering groups in real time to make an even bigger impact on Lake Huron.

FAQ Page

Visited our Frequently Asked Questions page to have all your Coast Watcher questions answered

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Coast Watchers Monthly Check-ins

Check-ins are offered at 5:00 pm on the first Tuesday of each month during the monitoring season (May-Oct). This is an optional 30-minute meeting for Coast Watchers and newcomers to ask the program coordinator questions and to meet the other volunteers

 Training Webinar
*Mandatory to Watch Before the Start of the Season*

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