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Accepting Registrants for 2022 Season
If you are interested in becoming a Coast Watcher next season register

2021 Coast Watchers Training Guide

Welcome to the Coast Watchers Citizen Science Monitoring Program!

The best place to start is the Monitoring Protocol, which will give you all the information you will need to learn how to monitor your location, what observations to record, and how to use any equipment you have been provided with.

Our Coast Watchers are the eyes and ears of the coast. All observations you make are valuable, big or small!

The data you submit will be added to a 16-year long data set that has been monitoring sections of the coast for all these interesting metrics.

Any other questions you may have, send them over to

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The Coast Watchers Field Data Sheet is how you will record your observations.

Every day of monitoring will be recorded on a new data sheet. Print double-sided to save paper!

Don't forget to include your Coast Watcher #, or we won't know who collected the data!

Remember: a ZERO is more valuable than leaving a field blank. For example, if there is no large natural debris, put 'none' or 'zero'. This will ensure we document the metrics accurately.

Look Back at the 2021 Training Webinar

2021 Coast Watchers Training Slides