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Bluff Stewardship

Lake Huron Bluff Stewardship Guide

Coastal property owners have watched, cared for, and enjoyed their coastal properties for many years. They see the changes that happen over the course of a year, over many years, and after a sudden dramatic storm. You know that the joys of living by the coast are tempered by certain risks and costs. These include property loss resulting from lake-effect erosion, surface water runoff, groundwater related erosion, and storms. Changes in our weather are increasing these risks every year.It’s important to understand the behaviour of coastal bluff ecosystems, so that changes can be anticipated and addressed realistically. This Stewardship Guide is written to provide background information, bluff facts, and ideas to wisely manage your coastal bluff property located within Huron County.


Stephen Jackson, Watershed Resources Engineer, Maitland Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) is a civil engineer who has been with the MVCA since 2008. He is the coordinator of Flood and Erosion Safety Services. Steve oversees planning, regulations, flood forecasting and emergency preparedness. This includes working with municipalities and landowners on planning, flooding, and erosion safety issues along the Lake Huron shoreline.



What will the Lake Huron bluff shoreline look like in 100 years?  Although stewardship may help to slow down erosion, it is important to recognize that bluff erosion is inevitable. This webinar will help municipalities and landowners understand the risks associated with development along the bluffs and provide an overview of bluff stewardship techniques.


Stephen Jackson will outline why the bluffs are hazardous and highlight the relationship between bluff and gully erosion. Shoreline regulations administered by Conservation Authorities will be reviewed and Stephen will provide helpful hints for landowners considering a building project. Emergency planning for municipalities and landowners in the event of a significant bluff failure will also be discussed.


The webinar will wrap up with suggestions and examples from the LHCCC and MVCA on what landowners can do to protect their bluff.

Bluff Stewardship Webinar
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