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Coast Watchers Terms and Conditions

Liability and Information Release


Lake Huron Coastal Centre’s (LHCC) Coast Watchers Program intends that volunteers participating in any

LHCC activities are not acting on behalf of the LHCC or any LHCC partner in any capacity. As such, it is the LHCC intent that volunteers are not authorized to be considered agents, employees, or authorized representative of the LHCC or a LHCC partner for any purpose.


Volunteers must recognize the potential for injuries to themselves and their personal property which may result from volunteer activities conducted with the Coast Watchers Program or other activities delivered by LHCC. The LHCC and all partners intend that volunteers expressly assume all risks and liability for any injuries to, or caused by, volunteers under this program.


In consideration of the foregoing, I, myself, my heirs, and executors so hereby release and discharge the Lake Huron Coastal Centre and all of the LHCC supporting organizations for all claims, damages, actions, and whatever in any manner ensuring or growing out of my participation in the Coast Watchers program or other activities sponsored or organized by the LHCC.




I understand and acknowledge that risk of injury is inherent in the participation of shoreline activity, and other outdoor programs. These types of injuries are my responsibility to treat.


I understand and acknowledge that it is up to the discretion of the participant to complete the monitoring activity based on the weather, wave activity, and state of health of the participant.


I will not complete monitoring if it puts myself, my family, or associates at risk, based on my discretion.


The Coast Watchers Program requires data and observations to be collected and submitted as a core part of the program. I hereby authorize the Lake Huron Coastal Centre to use the following information related to my participation in the Coast Watchers program:

  • Submitted reports through the Coast Watchers application and otherwise

  • Submitted photos through the Coast Watchers application and otherwise

  • Monitoring location

  • Coast Watchers ID number

  • Survey responses


I grant the Lake Huron Coastal Centre, its representatives and employees, the right to use the above noted information in connection with the Coast Watchers program including reports, illustrations, photos, and field data cards and in related material such as Annual Reports, monthly e-newsletters, and social media.

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