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Resources |  Coastal Flora and Fauna
Coastal Plant Guide


This plants catalogue for Lake Huron beaches was prepared to assist people in identifying native coastal plants, and the non-native invasive plants that have emerged on beaches in recent years. The document was prepared in response to community groups requesting resources to help in identifying the native coastal plants ("good" plants) that need to be preserved, and the non-native invasive plants ("bad" plants) that should be considered for removal. Some suggestions are provided for dealing with non-native plants.


We note that any consideration of using a herbicide requires permission from local agencies. Also check with your local municipality. In some cases municipalities have non-native plants control programs in place on area beaches.


The catalogue documents some of the more typical plants you are likely to encounter.  It is not an all-inclusive listing of coastal and non-native plants. If you are unsure identifying a specific plant, take a photo and submit it to the Centre.

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