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Living Beaches


Living Beaches is a coastal education program that supports elementary and secondary school learning about Great Lakes coastal ecosystems.  Centre staff work with educators to develop a classroom-based unit on coastal related science.  The classroom then can travel to the shoreline for outdoor coastal education and activities.

Here are some pre-developed presentations on coastal related issues. They can be used on their own, or as part of a Lake Huron unit supported by our teacher resources kits (Understanding Beach & Dune Ecosystems, and Changing Our Future: Great Lakes and Climate Change). Check back from time-to-time as more get posted.

Powerpoint Presentations

These pre-prepared PowerPoint presentations are available upon request to Ontario teachers. 

Bluff Conservation

16 slides - (5.28 MB)

Lake Huron’s Coastal Wetlands

25 slides - (28.5 MB)

Living Beaches

25 slides - (10.2 MB)

Species At Risk on Lake Huron And their Habitats

33 slides - (10.2 MB)

Interactive in-class model

The Coastal Centre has a portable interactive "EnviroScape" coastal model for teaching about water quality, erosion and shoreline processes.

Contact us to arrange for staff to do a class presentation, or for education resources to help you deliver an informative unit on coastal studies. We can also arrange to bring in our interactive coastal model to teach about water quality issues.

Beach conservation opportunities

Check with us about opportunities to involve students in beach conservation planting projects.

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