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From time-to-time, the Centre will prepare position statements that articulate our views on particular issues. They are intended as science-based, researched articles that contribute to the public dialogue, and present decision-makers with balanced and reasoned arguments related to these issues.

Extreme Water Levels on Lake Huron

Lake Huron is one of the five Great Lakes positioned in the middle of this interconnected water system. Lake Huron, like the other Great Lakes, is a dynamic system and water level change is part of a normal functioning system.

Beach Grooming

Beach grooming is a practice undertaken by some municipalities in an effort to provide beach users with a clean beach. While anthropogenic debris should rightfully be removed from beaches, natural organic debris is also removed, either purposefully or as a collateral consequence.

Wind Farms

The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation (LHCCC) recognizes and supports the need for renewable energy in Ontario. We also recognize that the Great Lakes represent one of the nation’s greatest natural heritage assets, in terms of water and biodiversity. We encourage the Governments of Canada and Ontario to ensure the people of Ontario, through necessary and sufficient studies,that any offshore wind projects proposed for Lake Huron in no way compromises these assets.

Herbicides for Phragmites

The use of herbicide to control invasive plants, like Common Reed, should be considered as a last resort after all other control measures have failed and the plant is out of control. Use of herbicide needs to be carefully planned, target only the invasive plant, and be undertaken by professional applicators under strict supervision by the public authority.

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