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Clean-up the Coast

Our 2023 beach clean-up season has come to an end. 

Learn from our years of experience hosting clean-up events on Lake Huron. Take our best practices and apply them to your own event!


We exceed our clean-up goals in 2023 because of you! 

740 volunteers diverted over 1,700 lbs of plastic from

Lake Huron.


2023 shoreline clean-up map.JPG

Click the map to view our focus areas

Why Sponsor Clean-up the Coast? 

Clean-up the Coast offers long-term solutions to Lake Huron's most consequential plastic pollution problems. We create an opportunity for communities across Lake Huron and Georgian Bay to come together for the betterment of Lake Huron’s beaches, water, and wildlife.

 As a sponsor of “Clean-up the Coast”,  you will be supporting 13 beach clean-ups, on-going microplastic research, community education about plastic pollution, and the installment of 'self' beach clean-up stations and filters to remove plastic from storm water drains.

Take this opportunity for your business, organization, or foundation to be recognized in the community for supporting conservation efforts in and around Lake Huron. Please click the buttons below for sponsorship opportunities and contact information for the event coordinator. 

The Fight Against Plastic Pollution Matters!

Disposable items, like straws, grocery bags, coffee cups and water bottles, contribute to the massive amount of plastic pollution in the Great Lakes. Plastic pollution is an emerging global issue in our oceans and lakes, with more than 22 million pounds of plastic pollution ending up in the Great Lakes every year. Plastic pollution poses a threat to wildlife through ingestion and entanglement. Plastic also reduces water quality when chemicals in the plastic leach into the sounding environment.

Seagull in plastic - small.jpg
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Microplastic - An Emerging Issue

Lake Huron has a significant amount of large plastic fragments that will eventually break down into microplastics with higher densities being found close to shore. In 2021 we found that 83% of lake water samples contained microplastic. Microfibers that are released from clothing in the wash were the most common microplastic found in both 2018 & 2021. Some microplastic is such as fibers are so small it can bypass screening at waste water treatment plants and contaminate drinking water. More research needs to be done to understand how microplastic effects human and animal health. 

More Than a Beach Clean-up

Garbage collected from a Clean-up the Coast event will contribute to the worlds largest international coastal cleanup initiative through the Ocean Wise Shoreline Clean-up data base. They work with individuals and groups to minimize plastic and garbage pollution on shorelines and in communities. The goal of this initiative is to remove and analyze trash to better understand common garbage types and where they are sourced from. Having that data available and public will help hold corporations and consumers accountable. They also make it easy to lead your own shoreline clean-up!

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What to bring
  • Water

  • Closed Toe Shoes

  • Bucket (optional)

  • Gloves (optional)

*Make sure to register online before the event!


Clean-up the Coast is brought to you by...


Zehrs Goderich

Zehrs Goderich is a partner AND sponsor for this event. They will be providing volunteers with a beach BBQ as a thank you for cleaning up our beach


Goderich Rotaract Club

The Rotaract Club of Goderich is a service club for young people who are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to the local and global pressing challenges while developing leadership skills and making friends from around the world.


Yoga Den

Serving coffee, smoothies, cold pressed juice and plant based food and treats. Our cafe is unique filled with many beautiful houseplants all for sale. Located on the Square in Goderich

Georgian Bay Forever

GBF Logo.png

Our mission is to protect, enhance, and restore the aquatic ecosystem of Georgian Bay by funding accredited research on water levels, water quality, and ecosystems; by educating the public and governments on issues regarding the environmental protection of the Georgian Bay area; and by enhancing the public's appreciation for their environment. We believe that water is a common heritage and a fundamental human right that is essential to life. It should be preserved and made accessible to all, today and in the future. We value the concepts of transparency, integrity, creativity, trust, and sharing. Everything we undertake is done with respect for the members of the varied communities we serve.

keep the bruce clean and green logo.jpg

Keep the Bruce Clean and Green

Keep the Bruce Clean and Green is a non-profit with a strong environmental focus. Their goals are to promote and encourage everyone to follow their motto of 'leave no trace behind'! They lead by example to educate the importance of proper waste management from Kincardine to Tobermory. They believe that a clean Bruce County is critical for the people and wildlife who enjoy and depend the area.


Lake Life Studio

Lake Life Studio has been a long-time supporter of the Lake Huron Coastal Centre. Off the beaten path and near the shores of Lake Huron is a glass fusing workshop. The Glass Shop creates glass for your home or business. Giftware such as serving bowls, sun catchers and jewellery; a little something for everyone. They also have a beautiful Artisan Boutique that is filled with one-of-a-kind treasures.

Made possible by Great Lakes Local Action Fund
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Red Bay Lodge - Primary Logo Red.png
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Logo - Enbridge 1.jpg

To become a sponsor contact  alyssa.bourassa(@)
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