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Human-made debris, trash and litter harms the environment, threatens human health and safety, causes communities to lose money and most of all, it looks bad.


Each year the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up facilitates an International Coastal Clean-up project where hundreds of thousands of volunteers all over the world join forces and remove litter from the shores of waterways.  Each year thousands of Canadians participate in the event.

Every item of trash is recorded on a special data card so the collected garbage is linked to human actions.  The information is then used to design educational and outreach initiatives that target the source of the pollution.


The Coastal Centre is eager to facilitate beach clean ups all year long.  The trash can still be quantified and linked to human actions in local communities, and the data can still be submitted to the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up.

Get Involved

Getting involved is easy; first contact the Coastal Centre to find out if there is already a Beach Clean Up organized for your community.  If there is not then you may be asked to be the site coordinator.


Site Coordinators get a team together, choose a clean-up site, select a date, and facilitate the clean-up.  Staff at the Coastal Centre is available to assist the Site Coordinator with all of these tasks.


You may find out there is already a clean-up scheduled for your community.  You can choose to organize another clean-up in the same place, during a different season, or you may wish to become a volunteer for the clean-up.


You may also wish to simply suggest an area of the coast that is in need of a good clean-up, but you are unable to participate in the actual event.


Please contact the Coastal Centre and we can work together to coordinate a clean-up event in your area. Additional information is available at or by phoning 1-877-427-2422.

Past cleanup event highlights: 

"The Great Goderich Shoreline Cleanup" 

In April 2017 the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation held our second annual "Great Goderich Shoreline Cleanup" event.  Over 100 volunteers came out to help clean the Maitland River banks and the Goderich lakefront. 700 pounds of trash was collected, which included over 2000 cigarette butts, 530 food wrappers, 218 plastic bottles, 43 plastic cutlery items, 19 balloons... the list goes on! 

Thank you to everyone who came out to help keep our great lake great! 

Our event partners: 

The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation

76 Courthouse Square, Goderich, Ontario, Canada N7A 1M6

Coastal Centre Office: (226) 421-3029 | Email:

Charitable Registration Number: 872138938 RR0001

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